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TMCP’s extensive research and testing of advanced, thermally
efficient light gauge steel framing designs has produced a family
of sections with performance that was once thought impossible.

These open-web sections for walls, roof and floor reduce thermal
gradients by up to 75% compared to conventional steel framing.
They offer the highest strength-to-weight ratio in the industry.
The web openings are large enough to accommodate most
wiring, plumbing and even some HVAC service.

These sections are also used as framework for pre-cast
concrete wall and floor panels. The combined “concrete-
and-steel” panels offer the strength of a solid precast
panel, while using 60 to 70% less concrete.

But perhaps the most amazing result is the new
TMCP joist is stronger than a comparable solid
web joist. That’s right - an open web joist
with higher capacity than solid web !

Joist Description

Allowable Live Load (PSF)**

(16 gauge)

Mega Joist

Competing Open Web


Commercial Solid Web

Span = 10'-0" 101 87 90.75 92.68
Span = 12'-0" 58 50.25 52.5 53.77
Span = 14'-0" 37 31.5 33 33.96
Span = 16'-0" 25 21 22.5 22.64
(14 gauge)
Span = 10'-0" 124 106.5 115.5 114.1
Span = 12'-0" 72 61.5 66.75 66.3
Span = 14'-0" 45 39 42 41.35
Span = 16'-0" 30 26.25 28.5 27.81
  ** All allowable PSF values have been adjusted/converted when needed
     to reflect L/480 condition.
  ** All allowable PSF values have been adjusted/converted when needed
     to new North American standard gauge set by CSSBI.


TMCP’s new open-web joist design, MegaJoist, weighs
much less than a comparable solid web joist of the same dimensions and gauge. That’s because it’s oval shaped openings displace steel. But MegaJoist is actually stronger !

Extensive testing at accredited labs established span table properties for MegaJoist and found it to experience less deflection under load than the Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute standard for solid web joists. Allowable
load for the OmegaJoist averages 11% greater than the
CSSBI standard.

The chart on the left shows how MegaJoist compares
to other commercially available light gauge steel joists. It is
17% stronger than a competing open-web joist and 9% stronger than Canada’s largest selling solid web joist joists.

The secret is MegaJoist’s large extruded lip and folded
flange on each oval - features adding stiffness and notable
ability to withstand web crippling around the opening. The
large openings allow easy routing of plumbing and HVAC,
reducing the trade labor time in building with MegaJoist.

Joist Parameters:
- 8 inch web width
- 1.625 inch flange
- 0.50 inch lip
- 16 gauge (0.0566 inch)

Loading Bases:
- 24 inch spacing
- L/480 deflection limit

A comprehensive web site for this amazing new building
system is under development.

It will provide load tables for wall panels and joists, plus fire
testing and thermal resistance testing results. The pre-cast
concrete system will be fully documented, including its amazing
axial and shear load performance

And the highly efficient production system for the steel sections
will be presented, along with a profile of TMCP’s licensee’s
around the world who are already beginning to erect structures
with this advanced building system.

If you have an immediate interest, please contact us directly . . .

7111 Syntex Drive,3rd Floor
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L5N 8C3
289-290-4369    289-290-4375 Fax

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